Our Mission is to provide the funeral industry with "clean and green', hand-woven caskets made from renewable resources and a wide range of other products specifically designed for Australian funeral directors and all at an affordable price.

Eco Friendly Hand Woven Caskets


Welcome to The Hand Woven Casket Co, Australia.

Hand woven willow coffins are a beautiful and environmentally friendly product. Willow is sustainably raised from a renewable resource and then hand woven without glues or metals.

The Benefits Of Willow


All of our Willow Coffins are completely natural and biodegradable.

Willow plants are grown sustainably being very easy to harvest and requiring no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.

The plants can replenish fertility in degraded and marginal soils and also provide habitat for birds and insects. Willow coffins are woven and therefore do not depend on toxic glues, varnish, plastics, or metals.

In the right soil conditions willow tends to decompose much more quickly than traditional materials such as MDF, hardwoods and metal. Willow is a carbon neutral material and when burnt only gives off the same amount of carbon that it consumes within it's lifetime.

Eco friendly caskets are a beautiful and natural solution to a difficult problem.

Our Latest Wholesale Funeral Products And Supplies For Funeral Directors

New range of Cremation Urns for Funeral Ashes now in stock

We now stock a fabulous range of Cremation Urns for Funeral Ashes.
Our elegant and stylish cremation urns come in a wide variety of styles


Name Plate Laser Engraver

We now stock computerised name plate engravers. They have a watercooled laser tube. They engrave nameplates (not metal) rubber, plastic, wood and other surfaces. Any font or outline you can import it will engrave. Limited only by your imagination.


Mortuary and Funeral Wholesale Supplies

At the Hand Woven Casket Company we import a range of wholesale funeral equipment specifically designed for Australian funeral directors.

These include casket and body lifts, refrigerators, church trucks, urns, stretchers, nameplates, grave markers, folding cemetery graveside chairs, name plate engravers stainless steel mortuary equipment.

The specifications and quality of our products will surprise you and so will the prices!



"The beautiful wicker casket was so much softer looking than a traditional hard edged wooden coffin with shiny handles. It was less confronting for me and my family. It suited my mother perfectly and the flowers looked lovely. The warm colour was perfect in the church. My relatives and friends all loved it too. "


"The ecological benefits of wicker are very important to me too. Also wicker coffins are cost effective and that is so important as the funeral fees and charges mount up very quickly. Don't let your funeral director tell you that he can't get you a wicker casket, they can. They are easily available from The Hand Woven Casket Company - Susan Hely


"We will be forever grateful for your time and assistance in helping us to fulfil mum’s wishes to be buried in a wicker casket. Your organisation and professional manner was greatly appreciated. We have had so many comments in relation to how beautiful the casket was and how perfect it was for such a graceful, dignified woman."
The Lewis family

"I just wanted to thank you on Mums behalf for the excellent service that you provided when she recently passed away. Mum would have absolutely loved the sea grass casket. She always had an individual personality and would have been chuffed with our choice of casket."
" Thank you." Eldert.

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